Harava - Oulu2026 Survey
Harava - Oulu2026 Survey
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1/6 Background information

    Oulu is the European Capital of Culture in 2026.

    Step into the European Capital of Culture year 2026 by answering this preliminary questionnaire.

    We would like to hear your thoughts about the European Capital of Culture programme, so please feel free to use your creativity when sharing your ideas and perspectives!

    The aim of this questionnaire is to find places from around Oulu, where in 2026 we could create an element, area, place, or an artwork that strengthens the sense of community through arts and culture. It’s important, that the art or activities in the areas will tell the story of the area, perhaps of something previously lost, that has in the past created meaningfulness, well-being, and sense of community to these places and their residents.

    The questionnaire is open from January 9 to January 31. Answering the questionnaire will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

    This questionnaire is published in co-operation by the Urban and Environmental Services of the City of Oulu and Oulu Culture Foundation. The questionnaire responses will be used in the implementation of Oulu2026.

    Together we are more – let’s be creative together!

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    2/6 Basic information
      What is the postal code of your neighbourhood?
      Marks left: 5
      How old are you?

      What is your gender?

      3/6 What would you like to share about Oulu?

        One of the goals of the Culture Capital is to showcase stories and places that are meaningful to its inhabitants.

        If you would send a postcard from Oulu, what would it tell about?
        Marks left: 500
        In what kind of environment/location would you like to be photographed in Oulu?
        Marks left: 500
        What would you change in the environment around you? How could it be improved?
        Marks left: 500
        4/6 Source of strength in your neighbourhood

          A series of artworks is created around Oulu as part of the Oulu2026 Cultural Programme. The art pieces tell a story of the communities and challenges we face due to climate change.

          What would you consider to be the heart of your own neighbourhood?
          Marks left: 500
          Where in your neighbourhood people gather to meet each other, discuss, or spend time?
          Marks left: 500
          What things build up the identity of your neighbourhood?
          Marks left: 500
          What kind of environmental challenges feel relevant to your community or neighbourhood?
          Marks left: 500
          What could be the new “Bobby at the Market Place (Toripolliisi statue)” of your neighbourhood? In other words, a new sight and landmark that you could show to others. What would it be like?
          Marks left: 500
          6/6 Participating to the Culture Capital year

            The European Capital of Culture action aims to increase participation of people and the sense of community.

            How would you like to take part in the European Capital of Culture year? For example, as part of the audience, as a volunteer, as a participant in a communal artwork or implementer of your own culture project?
            Marks left: 500
            Other comments or greetings for the Capital of Culture year 2026.
            Marks left: 500