Louhi Palaute - Linnanmaa Kaijonharju Urban Renewal Outline Plan - Map Questionnaire
Louhi Palaute - Linnanmaa Kaijonharju Urban Renewal Outline Plan - Map Questionnaire
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1/9 Welcome to participate in the development of Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju -district!
    Linnanmaa and Kaijonharju outline plan, which presents the guidelines for the future development of the area, will be created in 2018-2019. To support the planning process, residents, students, and other stakeholders are asked to voice their ideas and thoughts about the current state of the area and its future development possibilities. You can contribute to the development of this area by answering this questionnaire.

    This map based questionnaire is open May 7th – May 27th, 2018. Answering the questionnaire will take you approximately 15 minutes. The results of the questionnaire will be summarized in June 2018.

    The goals of the outline plan

    The goal of the Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju outline plan is to develop the area as a functionally diverse, green and dense area with an urban feel and look while also considering the different qualities and values of the existing areas. An important emphasis is to develop the area as a city environment well suited for walking, biking and efficient public transport. The aim is also to ensure that the green connections in the area are clear, functional and wide enough. Good quality green infrastrcture serves the needs of both the residents and nature.

    Alternative outline plan options will be displayed for public in fall 2018. The outline plan will be finished in 2019. The planning process can be followed at City of Oulu website: https://www.ouka.fi/oulu/kaupunkisuunnittelu/english  

    In Finnish

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    2/9 Instructions for the questionnaire
      Answering the questionnaire

      In this map questionnaire you can focus on the questions you want to contribute to. If you wish, you can skip some of the other questions and also go back to previous pages if you want to change your answer or re-read these instructions. Your answers and the places you mark on the map are not visible for others who answer the questionnaire.

      Using the map windows

      You can adjust the zoom level of the map on the right side of the map window or by scrolling your mouse when the cursor is on the map. You can choose from three different background maps and the visibility of each map can be adjusted in the map levels menu located on the top-right side of the map window. The draw buttons can be activated by clicking the point or line symbol next to the map. When the draw button is active it is possible to mark places on the map. You can turn off the draw button by re-clicking the button. After you have marked a place on the map, you can give additional information about you answer and save your answer. You can edit or remove your drawings when the tool is not active by clicking on the drawing on the map.
      3/9 Background information
        Year of birth
        Marks left: 4

        Family type

        Main occupation

        Residential area postal code
        Marks left: 5
        4/9 The current state of Linnanmaa and Kaijonharju
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        • 5/9 Current routes and connections
            6/9 Current parking arrangements
              7/9 Linnanmaa and Kaijonharju in the future
                8/9 Parking arrangements in the future
                  During the outline plan making process several parking arrancements for motor vehicles will be discussed. One option is to plan centered parking solutions to some blocks.

                  In the questions below, you can answer with the accuracy of 100 meters.
                  24. What is the longest distance you would be willing to walk from a parking place to your home?
                  1000 meters
                  25. What is the longest distance you would be willing to walk from a parking place to your workplace?
                  1000 meters
                  26. What is the longest distance you would be willing to walk from a parking place to services?
                  1000 meters
                  9/9 Free feecback
                    Here you can give free feedback concerning the development of Linnanmaa and Kaijonharju district areas.
                    Marks left: 500
                    Please leave your email address here if you wish to receive a summary of the survey results and keep updated on the masterplan process.

                    Marks left: 50