Harava - Methven Park Consultation June 2017
Harava - Methven Park Consultation June 2017
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1/4 Methven Park Consultation - June 2017

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    Methven Park Consultation - June 2017

    Moreland City Council wants to know where you think a new toilet at Methven Park should be located.

    Many areas in the park are not suitable for a public toilet for a range of reasons, including:

    - Public safety (lack of passive surveillance)

    - Lack of access to required infrastructure, such as sewerage pipes and electricity

    - High voltage cables

    - Tree roots

    - Previous objections from residents in abutting properties.

    Council has made several attempts to select a site in past years and selected a location based on previous feedback. When the construction was about to commence, we received further feedback that the location we selected is not suitable, mainly because it is in an open area of the park. At a meeting with a group of residents a range of their suggested options was discussed. There is one option proposed by the group which we think can avoid the suitability issues listed above and may be a good compromise. Now we want to ask the broader community if they would support this compromise option, or if they prefer councils original location.

    Like the community, Council knows how important it is to maintain, improve and enhance precious public assets like Methven Park. When completing this survey respondents are asked to consider not only their personal connections to the park, but its value to the wider community.

    If you are a resident of Moreland you can identify your location from the dropdown address menu. If you live outside of Moreland, select other.

    All sections of the survey must be completed to make your vote count.

    Voting closes Sunday 2 July 2017.

    For additional information on this project please visit Council’s website.
    2/4 Location Options

      Location Options

      The two location options can be viewed below before continuing to the next section to place your vote.

      Location options on a map and known restrictions:
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      Option A:
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      Option B:
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      3/4 Give Your Vote
        Would you like a toilet installed at Methven Park?
        Do you have a preference on the location?
        Do you prefer location A or location B?
        Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
        Marks left: 250
        Please note: This consultation does not utilise the free selection option on the map, so "Answering on the map" in the "Instructions" should be disregarded.

        4/4 Your Information

          Your Information

          Please note: Your email address will be only to inform you about the results of this consultation. All votes will be de-identified and your information will not be made public.
          Marks left: 50
          Marks left: 100
          Choose your area

          Street Name
          House Number
          Marks left: 10
          If you would like to see/save/print a summary of your answers before submitting them, please select "Print a Questionnaire" from the "Additional Functions" menu and you will get a full summary.