Harava - My Tampere - Now and 2040
Harava - My Tampere - Now and 2040
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1/12 Welcome to the survey

    My Tampere - Now and 2040

    This query is connected to the target setting phase of master plan of Tampere 2040. Master plan defines the guidelines and general land use of the area. The survey gathers information for developing the urban environment and services.

    By answering the survey you can influence the preparation of the master plan. As a resident you have the best knowledge about how the city operates, how it should be developed and how your everyday forms in the town. The planned area has been marked to the maps with a blue line.

    Answering the survey takes about 15-20 minutes. The themes of the survey are seen on the left side. You can answer all the questions or just the pleasing ones. You can skip questions if you want. Map windows can be zoomed for example with zoom slider on the right side of the map screen or using the mouse wheel.

    You can get more information about the master plan in city of Tampere website.
    2/12 Your background information
      Type of household

      Main occupation

      How probably do you estimate that you are living in your present residential area still after 5 years? 

      4/12 About your place of residence
        What affected the choice of your present place of residence? 

        Describe the properties of your residential area by moving the button on the slider

        Community / neighbors
        Connections to the nearby center / city center
        Aesthetic character
        How would you develop the sense of community in your own residential area?
        Marks left: 250
        5/12 Your modes of transportation
          6/12 Liikkuminen Tampereella
            7/12 How would you develop transportation?
              Your most used modes of transportation at present (during the whole year)? 

              What factors reduce or prevent you from using sustainable modes of transportation? (walking, cycling, public traffic) 

              Do the possibilities to move affect your use of services? Move the button on the slider to suitable position.
              I choose services along the fluent routes
              The route does not affect my use of services
              How would you like to move more in the future? 

              Tampere is being developed as a town of sustainable modes of transportation. What would reduce your need to travel by own car? 
              Marks left: 250
              What would reduce the time that has been used for transportation?
              Marks left: 250
              8/12 What services do you use regularly?
                9/12 Where do you spend your free time?
                  10/12 Places that have meaning to you
                    11/12 How would you develop Tampere?
                      Is there an activity or leisure activity that is missing from Tampere?

                      How satisfied are you to the number and quality of the parks and recreation areas (parks, fields, forests, walking and cycling routes, shores etc.) in Tampere? 

                      What would you hope Tampere had more? 
                      Select max. 5 Alternative

                      12/12 Open feeback for the planners

                        Give open feedback or ideas for the planners (max 1000 marks)

                        Marks left: 1000