Harava - Dream recreational environments in Espoo
Harava - Dream recreational environments in Espoo
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1/10 Purpose of the survey

    This is a survey for residents concerning recreational areas, routes and services in Espoo. 

    The aim is to determine how the current recreational areas and routes serve residents, and what wishes the residents have with regard to their development.

    In the context of the survey, recreational area refers to various recreational areas, green areas, park areas, areas for outdoor recreation and sports areas you may use in your free time throughout the year. The term recreational route refers to various outdoor recreation, walking, cycling, canoeing, skiing and riding routes, nature trails and other routes you may use in your free time. Recreational services are various outdoor recreation services, sports services and other services offered in the above-mentioned recreational areas and routes.

    The first part of the survey concerns the use of recreational areas, routes and services, while the second one contains questions about their development. In the final section, we will highlight some topical themes regarding general planning in Espoo.

    The results of the survey will be published during 2015 on the city planning website at www.espoo.fi/kaavoitus, and used in the preparation of local detailed plans and master plans.

    The survey will be open from 1 December 2014 to 28 February 2015. Filling in the survey will take approximately 40–50 minutes. 

    More information on the content of the survey:

    Tanja Hämäläinen

    tanja.h.hamalainen (at) espoo.fi

    tel. 043 8255224

    City Planning Department
    2/10 Instructions

      General instructions

      You can navigate from one page to another using the Next and Previous buttons or the page number buttons. Please respond to at least the questions that are marked as required. The required questions feature the * symbol. The site will automatically save your answers. You can send all responses by clicking Send button on any page.

      Responding on the map.

      Zoom the map in on your desired location using either the bar on the right side of the map window or the mouse scroll wheel. By enlarging the view enough, you can also display street names. You can move the map by holding the left mouse button down and moving the mouse.

      Select the drawing tool on the right side of the response option. A small circle will be displayed on the tip of the cursor when the tool is selected.

      Draw an area by clicking on a starting point, continue drawing by clicking the next point and finish by double-clicking the end point. You can draw a line or mark a point in the same way.

      In some questions, using the drawing tool opens an additional question concerning the marked area, line or point. Answer it and save your response. After this, you can mark another area for the same question, select the drawing tool for another response option or proceed to the next phase of the survey.

      3/10 Background information

        Year of birth
        Street name
        Marks left: 250
        Street number
        Marks left: 5
        Postal code
        Marks left: 5
        Current family type

        Current form of housing

        How many cars does the household have?
        Marks left: 5
        How often do people in your household use a car?

        How often do people in your household use a bicycle?

        Do you own a boat?

        4/10 Current recreational areas, routes and services
          5/10 What do you find important in terms of recreational areas and routes?

            How important do your find the following things with regard to recreational areas and routes in general?

            Very important
            Moderately important
            Not very important
            Not important
            I cannot say
            Location near your home
            Bicycle access of the area
            Public transport link to the area
            Parking area
            Natural state 
            Vibrant urban environment
            Proximity to the sea
            Proximity to lakes and rivers
            Quiet environment
            Fluency of navigating the area – straight routes, for example
            Benches, rest stops
            Merging together recreational opportunities for people of different ages
            Aesthetic values
            Open landscape
            Historical sights and locations
            Online presentation of the recreational areas and routes
            Mobile services concerning recreational areas and services
            Other, please specify
            Marks left: 50
            6/10 Recreational areas, routes and services
              7/10 Dream environment

                When considering your dream living environment, how important do you feel it would be to have the following services within walking distance of your home?

                Very important
                Moderately important
                Not very important
                Not important
                I cannot say
                Constructed park
                Forest area for outdoor recreation
                Bicycle and pedestrian route
                Outdoor recreation route
                Dog park
                Field/court for games
                Place for skateboarding/scootering
                Kart track
                Outdoor exercise equipment
                Ski trail
                Skating rink
                Place for swimming in winter
                Indoor swimming pool
                Cultivation patch
                Place for bin and sack cultivation or other temporary cultivation
                Green roof and rooftop farm
                Petting zoo
                Hunting area
                Access to Espoo's recreational islands
                Golf course
                Frisbee golf course
                Climbing site
                Adventure course in the trees
                Parkour course
                Riding stables
                Location for park events
                Other, please specify
                Marks left: 250
                Other, please specify
                Marks left: 250
                Other, please specify
                Marks left: 250
                8/10 Themes: Horse stable, urban cultivation, boating, natural values and fauna (1/2)
                  9/10 Themes: Horse stable, urban cultivation, boating, natural values and fauna (2/2)
                    Can a horse stable be located near a residential area?

                    Would you be interested in participating in a small-scale agriculture cooperative in your area?

                    The idea of an agriculture cooperative is to organise cultivation activities to its members. The cooperative provides its members with the opportunity for small-scale independent cultivation and/or the right to obtain produce generated by the cooperative in proportion to each member's share.

                    State the three most interesting sightings of a wild animal in a yard area and/or recreational area in Espoo. What animal did you see and where?
                    Marks left: 250
                    What goals related to natural diversity should be set for the recreational areas in Espoo?
                    Marks left: 1000
                    10/10 Tell us what you think
                      What else would you like to say about recreational areas, routes or services in Espoo?
                      Marks left: 1000
                      How do you seek information on city planning? 
                      Marks left: 500
                      How would you like to receive information on city planning?
                      Marks left: 500